Roberta Y. F.
Live in PG, MD
School in Baltimore
Lover of art of all kinds & materialistic things
....Film is where I wanna be....
Why?!...Because I Can
after those bottomless mimosas started kickin in #SlightlyTpisy 🌀🌀🌀😘
like I’m not supposed be doing shit right now
shoutout to those once every 6wks I decide to go to the gym. who got some extra weight they wanna lend me to turn into muscle?!!
sharing this Coke with NOBODY LIKE SHIT BOI 💦

Streetsnaps: Samantha Jo Alonso
honestly, be your own leader & do it for yourself. if you gain a following along the way, that’s cool, congrats, but why be someone you’re not just to get there?? although stuntin is a habit right lol. anyways, a friend once said “the funniest thing about life is you can literally do what you want”…be a crackhead!! be a billionaire!! own a business, work for someone else’s business. whatever it may be, just do it for yourself & your own version of success & happiness….only you rise & sleep with the decisions in your life, so make them for yourself & not to please others. this is what happens the one time I read some horoscope shit lol #fellvictimtoit done rappin.
I miss us already 😩😩😩 #stankfacesquad
just coolin how I’m coolin with a couple of regulars 👋👋👋🐾 (at The Boathouse Canton, Waterfront Grille)